It was a cool, November Thursday morning four years ago. Overcast clouds had just rolled in, and the air outside smelled like a snow storm was coming. It was election season in the U.S., and news of Obama’s second bid to win the White House filled the internet.

Our son was happily busy at preschool but as I sat at my desk that morning, my heart was racing as though I were running down the sidewalk at full tilt. I stared at my laptop screen, unable to decide what I should do next. Fear had locked up my mind.

I was smack dab in the middle of the second launch of an online program I had created, a program I had opened for the first time five months prior to that day, and that first opening was a great success. But this second launch? Was not going well.

Between my wife’s business and mine, we were alternating our online program launches every few months to keep our family finances as even as possible. Papa was was on the stage now, and needed to perform well.

Based on our family’s budget needs for the next 4 months until my wife, Bari, launched a program again, I needed to bring in $40,000 from this launch that I was in the middle of.

If I didn’t bring in that much, we were going to face some very hard life decisions, like pulling our boy out of the school he was in and moving to another less expensive town, or even moving into my parent’s basement for a short time until we got back on our feet.

My parent’s basement. Losing our home. Uprooting our whole family. My parent’s basement…at age 40, with a wife and a 4 year-old child. That was my ultimate fear. The ultimate shame for me. And it was all coming up on that November morning, staring at me in the face.

Four days into the launch of my program, the revenue so far was only at $18,247. I had 4 days left to make a miracle happen. But my heart was pounding on that November morning, and my system was shutting down from the fear, which, for me, kills my ability to come up with creative solutions to problems.

I had no idea what to do to turn the launch around. No idea how we could avoid my parent’s basement.

And then, a little flash of an idea went off as I stared out the window: I could ask for help in my little Skype mastermind group.

I was in a small mastermind group with 15 other online entrepreneurs and 5 or 6 product launch managers and consultants. We all supported each other on our business journeys…especially through launches.

So I opened up my heart, took a deep breath to scrape up any courage I could find, and posted the story of what was happening in the Skype group chat box. And then…I asked for help.

To my great surprise, two of the leaders of the group, who were professional, full-time business and launch consultants, offered to get on the phone with me immediately to offer their time and help in turning my launch around.

Tears filled my eyes as I saw their offers popping up in the Skype text chat. Tears of relief. I was going to get some help. There was a ray of hope. We might be able to avoid having to leave our home and the shame of having to stay at my parent’s house while we got back on our feet.

I met with them both and we dove into everything that was happening with the launch, the structure of my offer, the layout of the sales page…everything was covered.

I asked questions. They answered, then they continued to ask me questions. I responded, they listened, and together, with their sage, seasoned advice, we came up with a plan of action for me to adjust the offer for my program immediately.

I spent 3 hours putting the plan into place, writing new content and emails to send to my email list, and then sent out the first email with the new strategy to turn the launch around.

And the sales started coming in. Enough of them were coming in each day that the hope meter kept rising. And on the last remaining day of the launch, a lot of sign ups were happening. The adjusted offer for the launch was working.

When the launch ended, I was at $35,124, just about $5,000 short of what we needed. We weren’t in the clear, but we were ever so close.

With Bari at my side, we sat down at the kitchen table and I pulled out a giant sheet of paper from one of my son’s oversized coloring books. A black outline of a two-foot wide Spiderman was on one side, shooting a web to another building he was about to swing to.

I flipped the paper over and started drawing a big mind map. It was a plan for how we were going to get from where we were to where we needed to be over the next 3 months.

We were still a little short, but if I took on a tech platform set up project, and if we did a sale of my wife’s older products that we were about to take off her website, we could make up the gap.

We stared at the mind map I had drawn, with the faint outline of spiderman on the other side appearing through the paper. I rubbed my forehead, then put my hand over my chin as I thought about it all. “It could work. This could just work, honey,” I said.

Two months later, I landed a tech setup project, the sale of the older products went really well, and then we had our biggest launch ever of my wife’s program.

We made it. We made it. Oh my God…we actually made it. Major life crisis averted.

Looking back at that event, I can see clearly now the moment that saved me: it was that consulting session I received from those two very experienced business coaches.

Without their advice, guidance, and support, I can say with 100% certainty: we would not have made it through my launch without major challenges in our family life.

That’s the power of laser-focused advice and guidance from experts who have been in the trenches building what you’re trying to build.

And that’s why today, Chris and I are opening up the doors to offer you our own hard-earned advice and support through one-on-one consulting sessions.


Over the last 10 years of building and running online businesses, Chris and I have both had our share of challenges like the one I just shared with you. But we’ve made our way to the other side, and have both gathered reams of useful knowledge from our own attempts and mess ups and do overs and big wins.

I’ve built one almost-got-my-chin-over-the-bar 6-figure a year business (Tech Husband), another that made $200,000 in its first year (Joomlashack University), and also helped run and grow the Art of Money (you may have heard of it…it’s my wife’s financial therapy business) since its conception 15 years ago. I was also the full-time CEO and Director of Marketing over there for the last three years. It’s now generating over $350,000 a year.

And Chris? The guy is an e-commerce smarty pants. Selling physical products on the web is a whole other ball of wax, but over the last handful of years, he’s purchased and grown multiple e-commerce stores that have made more than a million dollars in revenue.

In a nutshell, here’s what each of us can help you with in our one-on-one consulting sessions:

I’m offering consulting for entrepreneurs creating online businesses like the Art of Money, which sells online teaching (in many formats).

My consulting helps you solve the maze of choosing the best business idea for you to pursue, business software to power everything, product launch strategy, business growth strategy, online program design, content marketing strategy, copywriting, customer support, and more.

Chris is offering consulting for entrepreneurs who are building an e-commerce business that sells physical products (yay for products you can actually touch with your hands!): finding the best software for your online store, search engine optimization (SEO) wizardry to bring a flow of visitors from Google searches to your website, full e-commerce store assessment and optimization, getting more customers to purchase on your site, and streamlining your marketing, e-commerce, and financial tools.

Holy moly. There’s nothing like having a NASA software whiz focus his expertise on your business. (Yes, Chris works at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory during the day, and I am SO JEALOUS.)

Here’s the deal

There is no big, red “easy” button that you can press (despite what some online marketing gurus will tell you.)

But there is a button on the web that says “Make things easier for me” (It’s actually towards the bottom of this page), and it works brilliantly.

You just click that button and you’ll actually get direct, personalized help, from either Chris or me. Help that can make things so much easier on you. Help that will take the ouch and errrrrggggghh and UGH! out of building and growing your business.

Click here to learn more about how our one-on-one consulting can help make things much, much easier for you.

Because moving into your parent’s basement? Is not an option.

Here’s to you strapping a big solid rocket booster on your business and launching it into a beautiful orbit.

All the best,
~Forest Linden