Important question for coaches, experts, and course creators who STILL don’t have a highly profitable online course running on an easy-to-use, automated tech system:


If there was an easy, fun way to get your entire website, email marketing, and online course tech system set up quickly without the confusing tech overwhelm…

Would you finally feel confident enough to make building a tech system your top priority?

Here’s why accomplishing this is critical for reaching your revenue goals:

You already know that you can’t run an online business without a tech platform. That’s sort of obvious, I know.

But what’s not obvious is what will happen if you choose tech tools that are complicated, hard to set up, and hard to manage.

You’ll be wasting massive amounts of valuable time trying to tame your tech system…

Instead of spending that time doing things to get more traffic to your site, market your courses, and make more sales.

If you know that your Wix + free Mailchimp account + Paypal tech system is feeling embarrassing because it’s not presenting your business in the most professional light…


If you are soooo done with feeling BEYOND frustrated from trying to get a plugin to put an opt-in form on a wordpress page and send people to your Mailchimp account when they sign up for your free offer (OMG!)…

Then keep reading…


Because what follows is the fastest shortcut I know of to get you past the tech frustration to the pleasurable place of watching Stripe payment notifications land in your inbox.

But first…

Does this sound familiar?:

“I’m not tech savvy at all. I can’t handle any of this tech stuff, so I’ll have to hire someone to do it for me. Mind goes numb when people start talking about opt-in forms, autoresponders, and web servers.”


“I’m making myself ABSOLUTELY CRAZY pants over here trying to figure out how to get my domain name to work with my new website! I’m literally pulling my hair out.”

You’re not alone. I hear these kinds of things every week from folks I talk to in my free discovery calls.

Those kinds of tech frustrations are enough to make you want to break down and ugly crying at the dinner table.

But here’s the thing:

The tech tool options available to you now, like my favorite all-in-one app, Kajabi, are sooo much easier to use than what used to be the best option: a self-hosted WordPress site with a couple dozen plugins and third-party apps tied to it.

With a platform like Kajabi, you don’t need to be “tech savvy” to build and manage your tech system:

…A gorgeous website, a state-of-the art online course area, and everything else you need that will allow your goals from selling knowledge, whether it’s $100,000/yr, $200,000/yr, $500,000/yr, $1 million/yr…or more.

You don’t need to write lines of code, mess with webhost servers, or figure out how to fix a javascript conflict that broke a plugin on your website.

Kajabi does everything (or almost everything, because, it won’t do your dishes for you) in one place, for one price, and it does it all seamlessly.

The fact is:

If you can use Gmail, you can build and manage your own Kajabi tech system. Yes, it’s that easy to use.

This means you don’t need to hire someone and pay them $10,000 (or more) to create your website, email marketing, payment processing, and online course software system.

You won’t need to pay someone anytime you want to make a change on your site, because you’ll be able to do everything yourself.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t ever choose to hire someone to take care of these things for you in the future.

But if you need to, you can save an enormous amount of money by getting this tech thing done yourself.

You can do this.

I’ve seen so many “I’m not tech savvy” clients of mine learn how to do this and get it done.

That is true empowerment.

If you have this knowledge, you have the control to manage the most important piece of making your whole online business happen: the online tech platform that makes it ALL possible.

Doing the tech piece yourself could be the difference between your business taking off or remaining stuck on the runway. Forever.

This business idea should take off.

You should be able to make a great living by helping others with your wisdom and expertise.

You should be able to work the hours you want to work, when you want to work, and from wherever you want to work, even if that “wherever” is in bed in your pj’s.

If you can manage the tech yourself, it will open up this kind of freedom.

Here’s the rub, though:

Even though Kajabi is infinitely more easy to use than a WordPress based tech system, it still takes time to learn, and there are a couple tricky bits to navigate when you get to the point of making your Kajabi site live.

If you start a new Kajabi account and go through their tutorials, it would take about 40 hours to learn how to use it and get your whole site ready to start processing payments for your online courses or services.

But now for the fun part:

I can cut 40 hours of learning down to 3 or 4 hours.

How? By teaching you how to use Kajabi live, in one-on-one screen sharing sessions.

This is just you and me in a video session that I record, so you can watch it as many times as you want to after the session is over.

I’ll be logged into your Kajabi account on my screen, and while I’m teaching you how to do everything in Kajabi…

I’ll actually build out parts of your site for you in real-time while you sip your morning coffee.

You can sit back and learn while you watch as I guide you through the ins and outs of using Kajabi.

Skip the furious note taking. Ask me questions whenever you want. I’ll send you the recordings after each session.

This is the fastest way I know of to learn Kajabi, and get your website system built.

That means you can get to the making money and making an impact parts faster.

“Forest’s live training helped me get my new site up FAST and saved me oodles of time.

He’s an invaluable resource on all things tech, which saved me SO. MUCH. TIME. My new Kajabi site is way easier to update than WordPress and Square Space which is such a relief for my business.

He had the answers to everything. I also know he loves geeking out on this stuff so I trust that his answers are well researched and analyzed. In the course of my training with him, he also suggested several other tech resources that I’m also using for my business which are huge time savers.

He’s fast, positive, fun, and a generous teacher. His depth of knowledge of marketing strategy for an online teaching business is also deep and this unique blend of tech and marketing skills makes him even more invaluable.

~Kristen Wheeler
Founder @ Native Genius

What Does This Cost?

The tech knowledge you’ll gain, and the recording of each session, costs $200 per one-hour training session.

However, you can get your first session for FREE (what!?).

Just sign up for a free trial of Kajabi by first clicking on this link, which is my referral partner link. (I will earn a small commission, which is why I can offer this for free.)

Once you’ve signed up for a free trial of Kajabi via my link above, just email me and we’ll schedule your free 1 hour training session.

If you have any questions, you can send me an email here, or we can hop on a free 30 minute discovery call to see if we’re a good fit for each other. Click here to book a free 30 min call with me.

If you’re ready to book a paid session, just click on the button below.

You’ll get a link to book your session in the thank you email that you’ll get right after your payment goes through.

You don’t need to be Steve Jobs to start selling an online course.

You just need to know how to click a mouse and where to direct your passion.

You can do this tech stuff, and I can help you get it done quicker and easier.