Time waits for no one…unless you’re an entrepreneur with the right software.

First, though, you have to crack the code: which software is right?

You pay for the answer with long hours of Googling. Page after page of fancy feature lists. Thin software reviews that are short on help.

Good thing I’m a pro at reviewing apps. Brutally honest and unabashedly thorough.

Because there are people whose lives will be better after they have what you sell. And we don’t want to keep them waiting.

Change the World

They’re waiting for you.

The people you want to help through your online business.

If you could only sort out which email marketing app to use, or which membership site software is best for you, or how in the world you’re going to tie your ecommerce platform in with everything else on your site. (You are going to tie it all together, right?)

The confusion around technology for your online business has zero grams of fun in it. Make it go away with free cups of clarity over here.

Read the blog.

It might take you six months instead of two.

You could forget to email half your list when you launch.
You’ll probably make grammar goofs on your website.
And no doubt, you’ll eventually forget to shower before a big online video interview.

Lucky for you, I’ve done all that...and more.

Learn from my online business building mistakes and successes here.

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