Hi. I’m Forest.

I help thought leaders connect technology with strategy so they can create a thriving livelihood from teaching online.

In my free time, I walk around yellow buildings.

Technology and Marketing Strategy

Learning to build an online business usually means countless hours of Googling through noise on the internet.

…And going down 15 roads that don’t work instead of taking one that does.

I can help you find the best roads to take so you don’t waste months of time and thousands of dollars.

Why Listen To Me?

Over the last 12 years, I’ve built two multi-six figure online businesses selling courses and services, and a third that I helped my wife build, that have made a total of over $3 million in sales.

I’ve also helped 452 people make their business ventures easier and more profitable.

You shouldn’t have to spend 3 months reading countless blog posts and taking wild guesses at what software to use or how to build and market your business.

As long as you have a plan for a course of action, you can reach your business revenue and impact goals much faster.

I can help you chart that course.

A few businesses I’ve helped:

Okay, but seriously…how can I help you?

When you run a small business by yourself, or with a tiny team, you need to wear a lot of hats.

I’ve worn all the hats, but the ones I can help you with the most are about technology and marketing strategy.

Here’s how I can help you:

One-on-one Software Training

You don’t have to do this alone.

I’ll be with you every step of the way. Learn to use my favorite tech platform, Kajabi, to building an all-in-one platform for your website, marketing campaigns, and online courses. I’ll teach you live in recorded screen share sessions you can watch as many times as you like.

Marketing Strategy Consulting

Learning to build an online business is hard. I make it easier.

I help entrepreneurs create a clear plan with actionable advice that will help grow your business and your impact. Take advantage of my years of experience (and mistakes I learned from) by renting my mind (and heart.)

Software Reviews

Trying to figure out which tech thingy will work with that other tech thingy?

I write easy-to-understand, in-depth software reviews that give you the straight up low down so you can save heaps of time in your search for the best tech tools.

” Best money I have ever spent.

With the recent explosion of online marketing tools, I am not sure how most people manage to cut through the clutter to come up with the best technology stack for their unique needs. But I DO KNOW how I was able to do that quickly for my business … I did a consulting session with Forest Linden.

Don’t get caught in the “paralysis by analysis” cycle that I got sucked into … spend a little time and a little money with Forest and I know you will thank me later.

Chris Ayers, Founder of Experts Leverage

Getting Clarity Starts Here:

Step 1: Free Call

Book a free call with me and we’ll explore how I can help you. It takes less than one minute.

Step 2: Meet Up

Grab some coffee and meet me on a video call. We’ll talk about your project, where you’re stuck, and the help you need.

Step 3: Get Clarity

I’ll tell you how I can help you, what it will cost, and you decide if you’d like to hire me after you think it over.

Free guide: The Ultimate Online Business Navigation Map

In the map you’ll see:

  • The big picture view of the 10 crucial areas you need to visit to create a thriving business selling online courses
  • The one thing that almost everyone skips, and why it’s the North Star that will guide you to a life lived on your own terms
  • How to keep from wasting 9 months of time and tens of thousands of dollars