If you’ve ever asked yourself:

How do I figure out the best tech tools to use?

How do I learn all these tech thingies when I’m not tech savvy at all?

Once I get all the tech stuff done, how do I grow my business?

Then you’re in the right place.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the tech stuff, you’re not alone.

If you don’t know what to do next to grow your business, you’re not the only one.

You shouldn’t have to go through this overwhelm and the stress that comes from it. It’s not fun. At all.

Lucky for you, over the last 12 years of experimenting, failing, trying again, and succeeding with my own online businesses, I’ve found a lot of solutions to the kinds of problems you’re facing now.

Solutions that can bring you clarity and peace of mind. Solutions that can help you avoid the big mistakes I made on my own journey (like spending $7,000 on a bunch of video studio equipment when I could have rented it for a few hundred dollars.)

Given your expertise, your business should give you financial freedom.

It should give you the freedom to spend time doing what you love outside of work time.

And while you’re doing that? You should be able to make a positive impact in people’s lives.

But here’s the tricky part:

To get all those things, you’ll need to learn some new skills. Okay, actually, quite a few new skills.

Figuring out what to learn and how to learn them on your own means weeks and months of Googling around reading endless random blog posts, listening to podcasts, and signing up for dozens of online courses.

What happens for most of us when we do this on our own is that we end up guessing. A lot. About everything.

You’ve been guessing like a boss, but you still don’t have the success you know you should have by now.

The truth is, it’s incredibly difficult to piece things together on your own when you don’t know what you’re doing. This journey you’re on is hard. 

But the destination, the lifestyle you can live when you get this business up and running with a thriving income, is so worth all the challenges.

You can build a business that makes you great money while you make a positive impact in the world, even if you think you’re not tech savvy or don’t know how to create strategies that will lead to a growing business.

You can build your tech platform, build a warm, thriving community of fans, and sell them products and services they love. You’ll be the most confident person in the room. There will be no more groping in the dark looking for answers.

What you could use to get there, though, is a guide (with a bright flashlight) who can show you the way through this unknown wilderness. Someone who can help you avoid the perils and pitfalls; the things that can cause you to waste thousands of dollars and months of time.

[Queue Star Wars opening theme music…]

This is where I come in…

I will help you chart a course through the territory of technology and strategy so you can reach your goal: a business and life lived on your own terms.

Just don’t expect me to wear an Obi-wan Kenobi robe while I help you. Okay, wait…if you ask nicely…I’ll wear it.

Speaking of charting a course…

Here’s how I can help you right now for FREE…

FREE guide: The Ultimate Online Business Navigation Map

In the map you’ll see:

  • The big picture view of the 10 crucial areas you need to visit to create a thriving business selling online courses
  • The one thing that almost everyone skips, and why it’s the North Star that will guide you to a life lived on your own terms
  • How to keep from wasting 9 months of time and tens of thousands of dollars

How Did I Get Here?

In 2005, I worked at a virtual reality startup, Zspace, to help design a new user interface for their virtual holographic computer display in a way that would create moments of awareness in users. Pretty wild, eh?

Just before I was hired, I was one of Ken Wilber’s senior students and an editor of his academic journal, AQAL. Zspace wanted me to use Wilber’s Integral Theory as a guide to design their user interface. 

That job awakened a passion for technology in me and in 2007, I put up my first image on a web page. I thought it was magic. I was hooked. I learned all I could about building websites and tech systems, started a web design shop, and began learning how to sell knowledge in online courses.

A few years later, I partnered with a company called JoomlaShack to create my first big online course: Joomlashack University, where I taught people how to build websites using Joomla.

Joomlashack University made $200,000 in its first year.

Some years later, I created another online business called Tech Husband, teaching women entrepreneurs how to DIY their tech platform for their online businesses.

Tech Husband went from zero to $100,000 in 11 months.

Since then, I’ve also worked with my wife to grow her online business, The Art of Money. Working side-by-side, I built her tech platform and implemented marketing strategies that are the foundation of her mid six-figure a year business.

Which brings me to my work with Clarity Lab, where I help people like you do the same things with your businesses.

“Holy shizzle, this was easily some of the smartest money I’ve thrown down for my business since it’s inception in 2011.

One hour with Forest helped me finally solve a bunch of the little problems that had been plaguing me for over a year.

He pointed out all the things I just wasn’t able to put a finger on, and gave me immediately implementable solutions.

During our session I kept nodding, yes yes yes! I left the call certain of two things: 1) my business is about to grow massively and 2) this won’t be the last time I work with Forest. Hire him. Don’t wait.”

~Heather Thorkelson
Founder @ Republic of Freedom

As for the particulars…I live in Boulder, CO with my wife, Bari Tessler, financial therapist, mamapreneur, creator of The Art of Money year-long money school, and author of the popular book, The Art of Money: A life-changing guide to financial happiness (she’s way better looking and way more famous than me). And we have a dear son, up-and-coming 10 year-old pro soccer player and pro Fortnite gamer, Noah.

When I’m not spending time with my family or reading business books, you can bet that I’m probably on my road bike training or racing. I ride for a cycling team called Cinch Cycling, created by my coach, friend, and former pro cyclist Tom Danielson.